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SEO in Bhaktapur

SEO - Search Engine Optimization in Nepal

SEO is simply an online promotion and web optimization technique so that your content (Information, product, promotion infographics, images, pdf, videos detail etc.) is reached to the person who is searching for it. This is to drive organic traffic to your content by exposure of your content to the relevant people. There are numbers of factors that should be consider.

SEO Factors: Some of them are listed here
• Accessibility by major search engine bots
• Meta title, description and H1 tags (web structure)
• Snippets/Schema
• SEO friendly URL
• Quality content
• Proper UI: Answer to what people searching for conversion
• Domain age
• Relevant backlinks and many more.

Why is SEO necessary?
Today online marketing is trending as a result of excessive use of smart phones and laptops or simply we can say easy access to internet. Anyone can get proper information what they are searching for. The job is accomplished by search engine through internet. Search engine uses algorithm to return the most relevant content to the one who is searching with keywords. In context of Nepal, we recommend search engine optimization to make your idea or sell your product/service to the one who is searching for it directly.

How SEO works?
As we know search engine uses algorithm to return relevant content to the searched keywords, then how that works might be the question for many. Search engine uses search bots to crawl and index. Search engine bots are programmed to crawls all the content in the web network and they are coded to evaluate the proper content, website structure, backlinks, citation, people's behavior regarding search records. Search engine bots are updated continuously by monitoring the search and uploaded content to identify the most relevant content and how people react with that content. For example, if anybody search, then it will return list of website contains relevant content. When people visited the first website in the list i.e. SERP 1 in first page. Search engine identifies do that visitor finds what he/she searching for and do he/she satisfy with the content. How much time that visitor stays in the page and read the content lets search engine knows how is the quality of content. If visitor stays in the site more, bounce rate will be low and content seems engaging and will rank high as before. If bounce rate is excessively high then next relevant content will be in SERP 1. Hence, quality of content and if the answer to the visitor present in the content then SEO works effectively.

Why choosing US for SEO?

We are highly conversion-oriented SEO service provider in Nepal. We are not working for you to bring your keywords or any top keywords initially to bring it in number 1 position in Search engine result page. We have faced no any conversion even in the number 1 position in search engine result page in past, so we do proper keyword research to find appropriate long tail keywords to get conversion. We always work for keywords to bring in first page related to the content for your service, products as well as give you some business form it.

We believe in proper white hat techniques; it is of course slow process but we are sure we will never penalized and we have never penalized for any of our projects that we have done till now. If the site gets penalized then it will take few months to gain the same SERP position even you corrected the black hat or you may never gain that SERP position. Till then you will lose your business through organic traffic.

If you go with traditional link building technique such as keeping your URL anywhere in every web directory without analyzing the link how will be it impacts your website then probably you will face problem in few months. The problem may be for example you are in 15th position in 5 months then you cannot increase the position from there. That may be due to negative effect of spam backlinks or non-relevant backlinks, if penalized then the effect will be even worse. So we have improvise the traditional link building technique with analyzing spammy backlinks, trust flow and citation flow of those link before link building.

We always recommend local citation and working on it for best result in Search Engine Optimization in NEPAL.

Free SEO Training:

This is the free SEO training session for the beginner who wants to step on search engine optimization ie. SEO in Nepal You will learn the basic that applies to any website to get high rank in search engine step by step.

SEO is simply the rules and guidelines that the search engine recommends to rank any website which are free of cost. These rules and guidelines need to be followed strictly and is easily accessible to one who is looking for SEO.

Before starting the brief SEO technique, you should be familiar with search engine and its guidelines. We are doing SEO in fact that our website will be found in search engine when query keywords.

How Search Engine Works?
Before beginning of training we will put lights on how search engine works. Search Engine Crawl the website in the web and index in its database and then returned the result for query in search engine. Search engine crawls all the website in the network and then keep a complete list contains page title, image, keywords, links related information. This is simply indexing or a copy of the website and its overall information. After you query any keywords, search engine uses their algorithms to identify the most relevant and updated information and return the results in search engine ranking page.

Google search engine ranking:
When you search any keyword in Google search, it will display list of pages contains that keywords. The position of webpages in the list is the Google ranking. The first webpage appear in search result is of rank 1 in Google search. To achieve the top listed position, the page should follow the search engine guidelines and must contain the most closely related content to the keyword searched.

SEO Training Session 1
Basically, SEO is divided into On-Page and Off-Page. We will be implementing search engine guidelines within our website is all about On-page and working to build link to our page is Off-Page.

Niche: You should be clear for what purpose/topic the page you are going to setup. SEO terms it as Niche. If you have business that provides automobile services then your website must have content related to automobile services to rank effectively.

Keywords: It could be either words or key phrase with few words related to your niche. Prior keywords should be analyzed if people are searching for it or not. You can use Google keyword planner (it’s totally free of cost) to analyze how many visitors are there per keywords and it will display highly search keywords related to your keywords. Signup to Google Keyword Planner and explore keywords. You can filter location to target locality too.

Content: : After Keyword research you should work on content in the topic of researched keywords. Content should be unique with proper spelling and grammar. It should be readable. Content must contain information to the keyword and keyword should be distributed in content naturally. Use related key phrases. Publish the content in your website. Once someone query the keyword, search engine will check for matching the words or phrases and the related information in the content and return the most relevant page to the one who query. This is the key terms of On-Page SEO technique. Hence, content need to be proper planned, ensure it is usable, well managed in the website for increasing user experience. A meaningful and engaging content will generate lead conversion.

ON-PAGE Optimization:
Title Tag: It is the brief description of your page. It is shown at top of the page when your website is open. To be continued, we are publishing each week more.


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