hidden keywords clue 20 keywords

Puzzle Clue for 20 hidden keywords | Hidden Keywords SEO

Hidden Keywords SEO clue to find 20 keywords.

You need to think SEO in reverse order to find all keywords. It was difficult to find the answer but in several trials. But now we are able to find all the 20 keywords. The message shown by the page was phenomenal after completing 20 keywords.

hidden keywords clue 20 keywords

Hidden Keywords Clue – Found 20 keywords.

Clues to find 20 hidden keywords.

1. Check robots.
2. Search in question.
3. Search in 404 page.
4. Check cookie >> during the inspection.
5. Check console >> during inspection.
6. Check the analytics code.
7. Check with screaming frog >> x-Robot-Tag 1 >>canonical.
8. Check web machine and go to that time.
9. Check with a screaming frog for page /two.
10. Try fetch and render with Googlebot and find in paragraph section.
11. Check with screaming frog >> checked “www.” version of the website.
12. Check from bing cache.
13. Check google SERP cache.
14. Check with structure data testing tool.
15. Check from screaming frog >> check Http version of the website.
16. Search in google and open the site.
17. Open canonical link.
18. Check-in sitemap.
19. Test with google lighthouse during an audit it is seen for a few second.
20. During inspect >> source>> assets >> application.

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