How to use SEMrush keyword gap analysis tool?

SEMrush Gap Analysis Tool

SEMrush tools can provide a platform to check up to 5 competitors each time.  A comparison between different keyword profiles. You can check which keyword your competitor is ranking for and you are not. This is a key to know where you and competitor keyword stands.

Keyword Gap analysis tool has a filter to check organic or paid keywords and their respective rankings. You can eye on the competitor and analyse the gap between you and your competitor. This will help you to discover the keywords which you are not looking at before. You can generate a report which implies to show you keyword opportunities, keyword overlaps from all selected sites. This is beneficial to plan your SEO campaign and SEO implementation.

How do I use SEMrush for keyword gap analysis?

First of all, find the competitor using “organic research competitor” report. And identify ranked domains in similar keywords. Or the SEMrush tool itself list out some competitors in the drop-down menu. So you need to enter the domain name and select competitors in the drop-down menu.

Moreover, select the keyword type. i.e. Organic keywords or Paid keywords or PLA keywords according to your needs. You can compare your keywords to any type among these three with SEMrush Gap tool.

Finally, you can now choose the regional database and compare to generate analysis report.


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