Tea Garden at Bhotechaur

Kathmandu to Bhotechaur | Everest Tea Garden | #1 Travel Destination | Bhotechaur

Bhotechaur, Everest Tea Garden, Melamchi Municipality, Sindhupalchowk District, Nepal.

Travel Distance: 34.9 km

Location: 27°48’0″N, 85°30’36″E

Kathmandu to Bhotechaur distance

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Trip to Bhotechaur

It was the month of March 2021. A long time being stuck at home because of a pandemic and working remotely. We decided to take a refreshment trip nearby Kathmandu. We had planned to go on a day trip but our destination was not fixed where to go.

On Saturday morning all the friends met at Baneshwor early morning. Suddenly we decided to go to Bhotechaur. We have heard before about the Everest Tea Garden, the tea plantations in Bhotechaur as a nearby place to visit. Bhotechaur, famous for its tea garden and a travel destination near Kathmandu Valley. It is one of the best places to take travel photography, picnic, and even night stay.

Tea Garden at Bhotechaur

Tea Garden at Bhotechaur

We took 2 scooters, a total of 4 people heading towards Sankhu. From Sankhu it is 21 km passing Jarsing Pauwa via Sankhu-Bhotechour Rd.

Heading towards Tea garden

Heading towards Everest Tea Garden

It took a 2 hours’ ride on a scooter from Baneshwor to Bhotechaur. Though the road was quite an off-road from Sankhu, it was quite good. We go continuously without resting anymore enjoying the view of stunning greenery beside the road. There are many nice hotels on the way from where we can view the mountain range. 

The scenery of nature was too good. We can view the mountain range covered with white snow, but the day we traveled was unlucky. It was cloudy that we couldn’t see the Himalayas. We asked locals the way to the tea garden a few times as none of us had traveled there before. At 11:00 am we reached our destination. We parked our scooter on the base of the tea garden hill. 

At the moment, we got lots of excitement and energy there to explore the tea garden (chiya bagan).

Trial to Everest Tea Garden

Trial to Everest Tea Garden

We preferred to take the trail to the Everest Tea Garden on foot. Enjoyed the scenery, greenery and took travel photographs.

Walking trial to tea garden

Way to the tea garden

The area of the tea garden was quite big and it gives a look-of the Tea garden of Ilam. So, Everest Tea Garden is popular as mini Ilam. 

Top view tea garden

Top view of the tea garden

It is a fantastic refreshing place as I had ever visited before. We explored all the areas of the garden, countless tea plants, captured the memory of it in photographs, and enjoyed it a lot.

Uphill Everest Tea Garden

Uphill from Everest Tea Garden


We conclude the tea garden in Bhotechaur to be considered a tourist attraction nearby Kathmandu Valley. Our travel itinerary will be really beneficial for the one who wants to visit the Tea Garden in Bhotechaur, Sindhulpalchok District, Nepal.


Author: Lalita Pandit, Manju Joshi, Srijana Parajuli and team.

A travel guide book including travel itinerary to promote sustainable tourism and minimum budget travel in Nepal.



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