Way to Kathmandu, View from Kakani

Kathmandu To Kakani | Kakani Village | View Himalayan Range

5 Best Things To Do In Kakani

  1. Organize picnic in a Kakani picnic Spot
  2. Himalayan Range view
  3. Rock Climbing
  4. Visit Strawberry Farm
  5. Visit Trout Fish Farm

Kakani is one of the best places to visit near Kathmandu. The travel distance to Kakani is 22 km from Balaju, Kathmandu. It is the perfect place for one who is looking to escape a busy scheduled life for a day.

We had checked the driving route with Google map. It was showing for 1 hour and 20 minutes. But the route was off-road and passes through many turnings as well as ups and downs. So, we assumed the travel distance would be 3 hours from Balaju to Kakani.

Kathmandu to Kakani Google Map

Distance from Balaju, Kathmandu to Kakani; Source: Google Map

Location: Kakani Gaupalika in Province No. 3, Nuwakot District, Nepal

Elevation: 2,030 metre from sea level.


As per our prior plan, we 4 friends met at Samakhushi and planned to head towards Kakani. It was 9:00 am.


9:00 am

Trishuli Highway

We filled the petrol and bought junk foods before leaving Kathmandu. We took the Trishuli highway. The highway passes through the edge of Nagarjun Forest Reserve Area. Well maintained road with stunning scenery from the forest made the starting more excited.


10:30 am

The ups, downs and turnings made our ride difficult.  After 1 and a half-hour drive, we decided to stop for rest.  As usual, we had a cup of tea and Samosa at the local tea shop and took some rest.

Off-road Drive

Kathmandu to Kakani Scooter ride


10:45 am

The off-road was more difficult to drive as we moved forward. There was a nerve-wracking muddy part of the off-road where we almost slipt. But rest of the route was good enough to drive a scooter.  The traditional villages, deep blue sky, green landscape and mountainous scenery was worthy of driving hard.

Offroad Kakani

Offroad Kakani


11:20 am

Finally, we got a chance to view the Himalayan range. Stopped the scooter and tried to capture the Himalayan range in-camera. But the Himalayas were found so shy that it hid behind the cloud.

View from Kakani

The Himalayas, view from Kakani


11:40 am


We reached our destination at 11:40 am. The natural beauty, fresh air and quiet environment pleased us in a different way.

Uphill to Kakani Picnic Spot

Uphill to Kakani Picnic Spot


We had some rest and took the foods that we had. Once again, a bunch of thanks to my friend who brought the awesome home-made foods.

Home made food

Homemade food


Uphill to Kakani Tower

Uphill to Kakani Tower


Panorama view Kakani Tower

Panorama view from Kakani Tower


Way to rock climbing Kakani

Way to rock climbing Kakani


Way to Kathmandu, View from Kakani

Way to Kathmandu, View from Kakani


Down Hill to Rock Climbing

Downhill to rock climbing


Down Hill to Rock Climbing

Down Hill to Rock Climbing


We decided to try rock climbing. We tried to climb it but it was difficult to climb without safety.

Rock Climbing, Kakani

Rock Climbing Kakani


Local place near rock climbing

Local place near rock climbing


Kakani is famous for Trout fish and Strawberry farm.  So, we decided to visit Strawberry farm and buy Strawberry.

Local Strawberry field at Kakani

Strawberry field at Kakani


Strawberry from Kakani farm

Strawberry from farm


The owner of the strawberry farm was kind enough and showed us the shortcut way to Kathmandu. The shortcut way was too steep and was difficult to drive. But we had saved hours during returning home.

Note: We strongly recommend not to choose the shortcut off-road during the rainy season.

We stopped at the entry gate of Nuwakot to visit Trout fish farm.

Kakani entry gate

Kakani entry gate


We were amazed when we knew we can choose the fish and do fishing before cooking in any hotels there.

Trout fish farm Kakani

Trout fish farm Kakani


The taste of the trout fish was delicious and that’s why Kakani is famous for Trout fish.

Cooked Trout fish dish at local hotel Chisapani

Cooked Trout fish dish at a local hotel


A close view of Kakani.


Location: Kakani Gaupalika in Nuwakot, Province No. 3, Nepal.

Altitude: 2200 meters above sea level

Author: Lalita Pandit

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