Kathmandu to Kulekhani Dam | Trip to Kulekhani, Markhu Dam | 1 of the best places to visit near Kathmandu

Why we made a sudden trip from KTM to Kulekhani, Markhu Dam?

It was a long time as I was just following my routine life back and forth, home to office. Life became so monotonous and I was wondering to take a break from the routine life. I shared the idea to my colleague and my wife. Both of them agreed and excited too.

We shortlisted many places to visit in Kathmandu but because it was monsoon season. So we had to decide the destination very carefully since we knew that the road conditions were not good outside ring-road.

Next day early morning, we all met together at Baneshwor. Till then we have not decided the destination. We have visited almost all the places in Kathmandu before. There, my colleague(Sister) mention about the Kulekhani Dam. When she explores how the Kulekhani Dam is, I couldn’t deny being there. It was around 9:00 AM, we decided to visit Markhu Kulekhani Dam.


Kathmandu to Kulekhani, Markhu Dam

Checked the route map with Google. It was showing 2 routes. 1 route passes through Chandragiri and other through Dakshinkali. Sis. told me the Chandragiri route was off-road and was not suitable to drive as she had hiked Chitlang before. So, we decided to go with Dakshinkali highway.

Distance from Kathmandu to Kulekhani was showing 41.5 km. Since KTM to Kulekhani Dam travel time showing in Google Map was approximately 2 hours, we guessed we would reach in 3 hours by Scooter.

route map ktm to kulekhani

Kathmandu to Kulekhani Dam – Route map with Google Map.


9:00 AM

We had 2 scooters, a total of 3 people. Bought some cookies and junk foods. Then we headed towards Kulekhani.

The road was good enough to have a comfortable drive. Very few parts of the road were under construction and difficult to drive.


11:00 AM

Almost 2 hours’ drive we saw a map alongside the road. We stopped there to look on a map to review our drive. Due to excessive turning and sloppy road, we drove slowly. We conclude still, we need to drive a lot.

At the other side of the road, we discover a tea shop. Since we are a tea lover, we had a cup of tea there.

After passing Dakshinkali, the graveled road started. But the road was good to drive. Road construction was on-going and only final layer left to install.

The way passes through different villages and mountains. Passes some small markets roadside.

Roadside market way to Kulekhani

Roadside market – way to Kulekhani

The view seen from the highway was beautiful too. We were excited to reach the destination.

View from way to Kulekhani

View from the high way.

Passing many turnings, ups and downs, we finally reached Markhu Dam. It was around 1:30 PM.


1:30 PM

We parked scooters near the Reservoir Fish Selling Center. Then finally the time came to have a walk around the reservoir.

Kulekhani Markhu DAM View

Kulekhani Markhu Dam

We walked for a half-hour to reach the Dam. The outstanding scenery instantly healed the tiredness of 4 hours and 30 minutes’ drive. Fresh air, warm Sunlight and the magnificent landscape was just amazing.

Panorama View of the Kulekhani Dam

Panorama view of the Kulekhani Dam

We took some junk food, stayed around half-hour. Took fresh air from the Dam and decided to explore more. So, we head towards the way to Chitlang.

Oh! Then the adventure began from there. We took off-road. The way was too steep, ups and downs and lots of stones on the road.  It was quite difficult to drive scooter but the view beside the road was awesome.

Markhu Dam View

View during off-road drive Markhu

We had asked locals as if we can return back from Chitlang to Chandragiri. The feedback was a bit disappointing as the road is under construction. Then we decided to stop and rest a few mins over there.


3:00 PM

Explored the Reservoir.

Kulekhani DAM

Kulekhani Dam

Kulekhani Dam (Indrasarobar) overview:

We can conclude Kulekhani Dam to list for places to visit near Kathmandu. For longer trip, 3 days 2 night Pokhara is the best place to visit nearby Kathmandu.

Other places to visit near Kathmandu:

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  2. Chisapani

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    • Thank You. You can visit Kathmandu to Markhu and return in the same day. It’s a beautiful place near Kathmandu. 🙂

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