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PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks | PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks In 2022

This is a PUBG guide describing advanced tips and tricks for beginners and pro battle royale players. It will helps you to improve your skills in gameplay. You should have a strategy to win the match and get chicken dinner. I will discuss best PUBG mobile video game strategies here.

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PUBG Game Strategy – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Tips

How can I improve my PUBG mobile skills?

If you are playing in a duo or squad match then you must play in teamwork. You should always be close with your team member so that you can revive your team member or get revived instantly. Moreover, it will be difficult for the opponent team to kill a team rather than 1 vs 1.

If you are playing a solo match then you should have a strategy not to get knocked easily. Take a good cover.

Most of the player get panic during fight and take a wrong move and die. Don’t ever get panic fighting enemy, take long breath and focus how to win.

These are the basic PUBG: Battlegrounds tips and tricks. We will discuss more here.


Best Control Setting

Optimize the control setting to get the best result with the device you have. In Graphics setting select the maximum frame rate that your device supports. This will play an important role in your gameplay. The higher the frame rate the smother will be the game. This will increase your speed of the game than the enemy who has a low frame rate device.

Pubg mobile tips and tricks: 90 fps

You can use the 4 finger claw setting or 5 finger claw setting to increase the speed of the game. These setting will multitask and faster your game play for example: Peek, scope on, fire and crouch with jiggle at the same time.

Use the Gyroscope setting if you are a mobile player.


Get into the zone

Try to reach the zone before it starts to shrink. Some of the players have a habit to take fight whenever they saw the enemy without caring zone. It will be difficult to move to the zone fighting outside the play zone. It is not mandatory to get to the center of the zone circle but you can play inside the edge of the play zone. This will improve the survival chances.


Jiggle and jump tricks

Always be alert while moving in open places. The enemy might be peaking you with sniper. Try to jiggle and jump to avoid shot from the enemy.


Improve the aim and reaction time tricks

Practice aiming and improve reaction time in cheer park. Spend around half-hour time to practice in the cheer park every day if possible. This will improve muscle memory for fingers and it will improve gameplay. Try PUBG drills. Here is a training session with shooting tips.

Equip well

Find level 3 helmet, level 3 vest, level 3 backpack to well equip, AR gun like M416, DP, AKM, Sniper Gun like AWM, MK14, M24, SMG like UMP, Uzi. This will help you to damage higher to eliminate the enemy and you will have a high chance to survive.

Pre-fire and reload tips

When you saw the enemy pre-fire to the way the enemy might come. And always remember to reload before rushing.

Gun switching tips

Switch the secondary gun if you have low ammo in the gun during the fight. Practice some gun switching drills as shown here.

Healing quickly

Heal immediately whenever you have low health. Take energy drinks and pain killers to make extra health full.

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