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Top 5 Best Snow Day Predictor:

A snow day refers to a day in winter, weather-related cancellation of school, office because of heavy snowfall.

How many times has this happened to you?

It’s the middle of winter and you’re eagerly awaiting a snow day, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

Well, now there’s a tool that can help you predict whether or not a snow day is on the horizon. The Predictor tools uses historical weather data to predict whether or not there is a high chance of a snow day. So next time you’re waiting for that big storm, check out the Snow Day Predictor first!


Here is the list of top 5 best snow day predictor.

1.  Snow Day Predictor: US and Canadian schools Рcalculates the possibility of school being closed due to snow fall.

2. Snow Day Calculator: It calculates snow days or delays for school. It uses ZIP code. US and Canada.

3. Online Snow Day Predictor: It predicts snow day ahead of 3 days. It can show possibility of school getting cancelled due to snow fall.

4. Snow Day Finder: Informs the possibility of school being cancelled/closed in winter due to snow fall.

5. Snow Day Calculator App: Snow Day Calculator is an app that predicts the chance of a snow day based on your zip code. It uses weather information from the National Weather Service. You can also sign up for Snow Day Notifications.


Looking out the window and seeing snow accumulating on the ground always makes people hopeful for a potential “snow day.” The question is, though, can you trust your gut feeling about whether there will be a snow day or not?

Turns out, there’s actually a way to predict whether or not your school will close due to inclement weather – and it has nothing to do with how much snow is on the ground! Keep reading to find out more.

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Snow Day


Your Chances Of A Snow Day

Our estimate of your chances of a snow day is based on a number of interrelated factors. The probabilities we give are calculated by taking into account historical data, current and forecasted weather conditions, and the likelihood that schools in your area will be closed due to inclement weather.


The Chance Of Precipitation

If the chance of precipitation is higher than 50%, then yes, you will have a snow day tomorrow. When the chance of precipitation is lower than 50%, then no, you will not.


If you have the weather conditions below, you probably have a snow day

How do you know if you have a snow day? Here’s a snow day checklist:

  1. You live in the north. Schools in southern states are less likely to cancel because of bad weather.
  2. The forecast is calling for lots of snow (4 inches or more). On these days, schools will often close.
  3. It’s wintertime. The chance of a snowfall decreases if it snows during the spring or fall months because temperatures are usually too warm for heavy accumulation.

If you see there’s 3-4 inches (or more) of fresh powder from your window and it’s December, February, or March, chances are you’re going to have an extra break from school!


There are several methods to predict a snow day:

  1. Meteorological forecasts: National weather services and private weather companies provide up-to-date information on expected snowfall and related weather conditions.
  2. Ground reports: Local news stations often send reporters to areas where snow is expected to fall, to report on the current conditions and likelihood of a snow day.
  3. Social media: Snow reports from people in affected areas are often shared on social media platforms, which can give an indication of the extent of snowfall.
  4. School district websites: Most school districts will post updates on school closures or delays due to inclement weather on their websites or social media pages.

It’s important to note that snow day predictions are not always accurate and can change quickly, so it’s recommended to check multiple sources for the most up-to-date information.

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