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Website design is one of the requirements of any business these days. You need it to show your brand presence online. It is a marketing strategy to grow your business online.

Is it worth having a website?

It is not enough with only a digital presence in social media today. Whatever your business is about, you need to announce what it is about and what services you are offering.

web design in nepal

Website Design


The website can outspread and reach as many customers than any other marketing strategy. This is because of the visibility over the internet with the help of a professionally designed website.

Why is web design important?

Customer can directly contact you after finding the service/product over the internet. The website must be optimized, functional and mobile responsive. i.e. a responsive user interface. So, you must have a professional website. You should have creative graphic design which is a plus point for you.

If you have difficult to coding then you can contact a professional website design company in Nepal. Also, you can take help from a web professional for corporate, real estate and eCommerce web development. The professional team will design a custom website. Custom made dynamic and responsive page is code-less. You can upload content and image without coding.

Why is responsive important?

Any website must have a responsive architecture to rank high in SERP. Moreover, the website owner desires to have a responsive and great user experience. The responsive web design ensures great UI in mobile, iPad and laptop. Designer use page scaling and CSS media queries for responsive design. i.e. Coding to switching the resolution to fit in these devices and user’s preferences.

Since mobile SERP depends on speed and responsive web pages. These days Google encouraged to use AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP pages are mobile pages with lightning-fast load time.


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